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Dr. Robert Kaufmann of The Kaufmann Clinic in Atlanta, GA discusses medicationsAs internists, much of our medical therapy is through the use of prescription medications. We strive to explain to you the rationale for our prescriptions and how to take them properly. We ask that you follow these directions as well as those of your pharmacist.

If you think you are having problems with any medication or if it is ineffective for your condition, please call us.

If you are on more than three medications or if you receive additional prescriptions from other doctors, please bring all your medications to your clinic appointments in their original containers. This helps us to keep track of how you are using the drugs and if there is any potential for adverse drug-drug interactions.

Prescription Refills

Refills are given for appropriate intervals. We ask that you watch the supply so that you do not run out of refills before your next appointment. Please do not call us on weekends for refills unless it is an emergency. We do not refill any narcotic prescriptions after office hours.